How difficult is it for non CS bachelors to get admits to MS programs in CS Germany?

I have been told by various sources that doing a masters in CS in a public university in Germany is nearly impossible with an electronics undergrad degree, even if there are overlapping subjects taken during bachelors.
I would really appreciate some insights on this. I have an EC undergrad with GPA on the lower end, 60.64% from Pune university. I would very much like to pursue CS Masters in Europe, Germany preferred. How bad/good are my chances? Or for profiles like mine?

Any help is highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your time!
From a confused yet hopeful applicant :grinning:

Hi, YashaswiB

Honestly, this depends from case to case and University to university. We have had students in the past with no CS background in terms of qualification and holding offers for MSc CS majorly because of work experience.

You must read the university’s entry requirements in detail, as every university has a unique set of subject requirements or an entry test. If you have read the essential prerequisites required for admissions, you will likely be able to get an offer, considering you have also cleared other requirements, such as CGPA, GRE, IELTS, or German language.

In conclusion, only some universities have the exact entry requirements; requirements that vary from course to course, and specific courses in CS are designed for graduates with a non-relevant background.

Students are highly advised to read the entry requirements or talk to their admissions counsellors before sending in an application.

If you need assistance for German Universities, feel free to reach out.
Thanks and Regards
Harshita Gulati
Lead Counsellor (12+ years of Industry exp)