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The allure of studying abroad for higher studies has managed to retain its sheen which is why the brigade of aspiring Indian youth dare to step out in the unknown, take challenges head-on, face the world for all its odds and quirkiness and get themselves ready to be metamorphosed into young professionals for what is called the “Corporate World”. Coming straight out of the comforts of your home may give jitters to some but as long as you have your goals in sight, the fear of the unknown can be seized.

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Great blog!
Please tell me if I am not good at coding, should I then pursue MIS? I am not inclined towards MBA, that’s for sure.

You may not be good at coding but certainly need some interest in it to pass your course. You also must have a strong interest in technology and business. The best part of this degree is that you have the numerous career options. You are not tied down to a single path. This may also seem like a negative aspect as the degree is a little vague. MIS, however, is about navigating business (management) with technology (information systems), so to advance in your career you will need some understanding and knowledge of coding. And since, technology keeps changing, you must have a natural interest to keep up with both aspects of the degree (business as well as technology).
You will survive even if you are not good at coding. Just don’t go for career options that corner you to the technical side.
In conclusion, you don’t need to be good at coding to pursue MIS. But you must have an interest in technology and business to make good use of your degree.

Any Canadian universities that should be targeted? hoping to get 320 on my GRE and my academic record is average.

Some of the top public Canadian Universities that you can target, in no particular order -

  • University of Toronto
  • The University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • McGill University, Montreal
  • University of Alberta
  • Queen’s University, Kingston
  • The University of Western Ontario
  • Western University

Depending on your profile, you can also explore these colleges -
Brock University
Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia
University of Winnipeg
Seneca College
MacEwan University

You can read about these colleges/universities in detail here.