How are the professors?

After I complete taking plane trigonometry I might take prec, so which professors are the best for prec, calculus, and calculus 2?

And how difficult is that compared to community college? and in what way exactly?

I would take them at Collin College if you can. It’s 100x easier.

Whatever you do just take calculus at Dallas or Collin college

For calc 1, adannah duroha and Mylinh nguyen are the best. For calc 2, I think it’s them two again plus Kelly aman. It’s a bit more difficult since there’s a LOT more homework but the exams were never harder than the homeworks

@akumanoko Thank you so much!!! I will keep that in mind when I take those courses. How much a LOT of homework is there? Everyday? If so how many Is that? Like too many questions?

Daily is open on MWF and due the next day, about 10 questions each sets but can vary depending on the content. Graded homework is due every Sunday and the questions vary depending on the content. Daily quiz every week during your problem section, you better know how to do it cause you got 10 minutes to do it :rofl: Each quiz is one page but front and back to expect, the questions vary also sometimes 3 question and sometimes many parts to 2 questions. It’s live laugh math the semester you take Calc 1 and 2 @rngkilla