How are Gen Chem I & II aswell as Orgo I & II at UTD

Gen and Orgo Chemistry How are Gen Chem I & II aswell as Orgo I & II at UTD? Is it incredibly hard, just like when people over exaggerate and make it seem hard? Are the professors nice also? Please be honest, and include any recommendations I should do to help me if I end up transferring to UTD, because I will have to take these classes.

Both are fine here at UTD. Not many curves happen with gen Chem but there is a large curve for both orgo’s. Orgo is more the class people say is super hard but imo, it’s not that bad. It’s just new info and science so if you have a good professor, you’ll do well with practice. Practice is very important for both classes

@aaarohii44 Did you take the classes?

I’ve taken all of them besides orgo 2. I’ll be taking that this coming semester. The 2’s are harder than the ones for both. Gen Chem is lowkey objectively harder only because there’s not really a curve ever for the tests but for orgo at UTD in general, there’s a huge curve where an 80 overall is an A so the bar for doing well is pretty low

did you get A’s in the classes? I’m really worried man :sweat_smile: @aaarohii44

@ananya_verma_11 Yeah, I got A’s in all of them so far. Orgo just needs a lot more practice but if you do that, you’ll do good. For Gen Chem, do practice problems from the end of chapters in the textbook and also past exams so your familiar with the hardest versions. Get hashami and Huang for gen Chem and get pan or wijie for ochem. However one thing to add is if your a transfer, to my knowledge you register pretty late. Unfortunately, all the stem intro classes got super competitive this semester for some reason for the best professors so you might get stuck with a terrible professor for the classes. If that happens, go to the good professor’s lectures and do practice a lot. You can still get an A with a terrible professor but it’ll just take a lot more work

I’m a transfer student :man_facepalming: @aaarohii44

Yeah, I saw from your original post lol. Don’t let that discourage you from transferring to UTD though. To my knowledge, a lot of the colleges in Texas have the same thing with the enrollment appointments and transfers having late enrollment dates so just keep that in mind. Don’t worry about it too much though, just get a good study group through PLTL and SI here at UTD @ananya_verma_11

@aaarohii44 I really wanted to get the good professors, hopes are down :sweat_smile: