How 2020 US Elections Will Affect Indian Students

The US Presidential Elections, scheduled for November 3rd, 2020, is bound to leave its impact on international relations thus directly impacting the scope of education and career in the US for international students.

In this webinar, GyanDhan’ CEO Ankit Mehra will foresee what lies in store for international students in relation to the possible outcomes of the election.

Following are some of the aspects which will be discussed at length:

  • Affinity of US universities towards international students post-election

  • Future job prospects for international students in the US

  • Impact on the Visa rules and regulations

  • Effect on the work permit rules and clauses

  • Feasibility of studying and pursuing a career in the US

Here is how the webinar works:

  • Ask Qs now: You can start asking your questions right here.
  • Answers via video: On Friday, 31st January, at 7:00 PM, We will answer your Qs via a webinar, which you can join here.
  • Answers transcribed for future reference: We will transcribe the answers and post them in response to your questions here.

Q: For Engineering Courses(STEM), is there a possibility of reducing the OPT period from 3 years (current) to 2 years if Mr.Trump comes again?

Q: What is the major reason for VISA Rejections ? Is it like because of education gap or false information by the candidate ?

Q: How is the Jobs for Indians in US after Mr. Trump came? … Is it true that getting H1B Visa has become very tough ?

Q: May i know which part of US, Indians get a good high paying job specifically for Electrical or comp engineering ?

When you say highly classified, I’m a BE graduate with a 7 month work ex and I plan to study Masters in Fall 2020. Do you mean I need more work ex before coming for studies?

How is the scenario for data science jobs for Indians after graduation in USA?

Q: What is the maximum time period that we can stay in US after completing our masters ?. What happens if i get a job but have a problem in getting H1B visa ?

what in store for the dependent or H4 visa? (if Trump vs if not)

Q: What are the advantages we Indians might get if Trump loses and a democrat comes as US president ?

Also, how is Northeastern university in terms of co-ops? (Boston campus MSCS)

Will Academic gap year affect the visa process, And will experience of a year in Design industry will that help for Visa process even though he/she has an academic year gap?

What is the lottery system that you are talking about?

Q: What is the qualification needed to apply for a Green Card in US ?. Do we have a chance to apply for Green card ?

Which candidate has the highest chance of winning ?

If I get a H1B visa, how easy does it become for my parents and younger brother to pursue his undergrad in the US?

I mean for my parents to come and stay in the US.

Will Academic gap year affect the visa process, in post election scenario?

Also what is the current H4 policy, has the law been passed? If so does it also mean current H4 holders cant work too?

What do you think about the August 2020 OPT amendment?