Honors college (?)

hii so i got in for fall 24. ive been accepted into the honors programme and i want to know what benefits it brings. also how will it affect my social life? and where should i live on campus? im really confused, any help will be appreciated!!

Early move in and picking courses first is a nice benefit.

Cple extra honors courses to take, it’s another “ community” to be involved with and lastly it’s another great way to make a big school feel small.

Won’t affect social life, you’ll see your first year of college is nothing like your last 4 at high school. You’ll actually have more time.

Run your first year like it’s a job. Don’t fall into bad habits, this post fills with folks who F up the first year around the end of Spring semester.

You can have a great balance of school work and social life.

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I really agree with what @prabhas_singh has to say here.
For living on campus UB has multiple campus living places you could choose from, just connect with them for the information.