Hi UG-7.8(15 backlogs) , GRE- 333 Q-166. V-167 AWA-2.5

UG-7.8(15 backlogs)
GRE- 333 Q-166. V-167 AWA-2.5
1 research paper
Can i get admission at northeastern for mis?

Hi @Abhishek123

I checked your admission chances with the GyanDhan Admit Predictor tool and this is the result I got -

These are the universities that showed up as Safe Schools, Moderate Schools, and Ambitious Schools for your profile -

You can check the results for yourself here -

A few points that you should know -

  1. There are other aspects of an application that carry equal weightage as your GPA and GRE score - such as SOP, LOR, Resume, extracurricular activities, short courses, and work experience.
  2. Statement of Purpose - it is a personal essay that showcases to the admission committee your skills, work experience, passion, and your reasons to pursue the course in this particular university. You can get it reviewed here for free - Statement of Purpose | Free SOP Evaluation Online | GyanDhan
  3. Letter of recommendation - This is important. You need to choose the person carefully to write this letter. A tip - instead of asking your professor to write you a letter, ask them if they are willing to write you a positive and strong letter of recommendation. A negative or an average letter could very much ruin your admission chances.
  4. Resume - SOP and resume are different. Please do not confuse the two and do not repeat the points. A resume is a summary of your professional and extra-curricular activities. SOP gives you a chance to expand on other aspects of your application - for example, you mentioned you have 15 backlogs - you can explain in a line or two the reasons for this. It will give the committee a chance to see more of your personality.
  5. Extra-curricular and short courses - These are not mandatory, however, will only add to your profile. It shows that you are willing to make an effort and expand your horizons beyond your formal education.
  6. Work experience - Mention the skills you acquired during your job, how you contributed to the organization, and the responsibilities you undertook.

I hope this information will help and guide you. If you need any further help, do post on this thread. All the best!