Hi, I have a query regarding SOP. For admission in Ivy leagues


Hi, I have a query regarding SOP. For admission in Ivy leagues, do we have to write SOP in some special manner. Simply put, how should I go ahead with my SOP so that it gets accepted in premium varsities of US (Preferably Ivy league)?

Solely depending on SOP cannot be the criteria to get into any top Universities in the US. They look for the candidate’s overall profile to confirm any application.
So, now lets come to your query. How should you prepare your SOP.
The SOPs are generally reviewed by a panel of Professors who review hundreds of SOPs from different applications. Most of the applications generally has almost similar kind of content where students boast or write about their personal aspects, achievements, etc.
I guess any kind of relevant novelty will be an added advantage which will make your SOP more noticeable than others. Professors should find it curious while going through your SOP. Otherwise, your SOP too will see the pile of rejected ones. A little humor relevant to your subject is good. So that they understand how comfortable you are in your field.
Never digress from your main line of thought while writing your SOP. Use simple language, avoid unnecessary flamboyant vocab.
In the end, there is no hard & fast rule for writing SOPs. Take help of your friends, seniors or mentors in your field. Or those who have already been to such institutes.
All the best buddy.

I see…Noted your points.
Thank You so much for your kind response.
I have approx 3y and 5 months of work ex.
One quick question, While drafting the SOP should I focus more on my work-experience and less on my interests?

Agreed with the above user’s reply. You cant simply depend on SOP to get you admitted in a US college.
Impressive academic background, LOR from relevant & imminent Profs. Along with that you would need a superb GRE and Toefl score and excellent performance during last academic endeavor and little bit of luck.
I would suggest you to not fall for this Ivy league thing. Go with premium or high ranked colleges related to your work.
The American dream can be possible by attending other insti as well. Universities like Chicago University, MIT, and such others.

Agree with @Archa and @Soham. Securing admission depends on your overall profile. If you make your SOP great and have a low GRE score. You wont be eligible in first place to get shortlisted. Therefore, my suggestion wud be concentrate on making your overall good. If the output is average on all scores then I must say chances of getting an admit call will increase.
Dude, I understand the charm of Ivy league institutes but the acceptance rates for these institutes are quite low. So getting into these universities will require an exceptional performance. In my opinion, why not go for institutes of same prestige that are not Ivy League. Except for acceptance rates these institutes are much better in terms of diversity, inclusitivity, etc.
Hope I was helpful.

No problem mate.
bit late in responding. You should focus more on your abilities and interests. To inform about work-experience you have already submitted your experience certificate …Now is the chance to blow your trumpet. dont fall for the classic mistakes