Hi, how's the ms data science course there and placement in australia for data science

Anyone there, who can give me real view of data science job prospects in australia region wise

The field offers an annual salary of $124,000, with some companies offering salaries exceeding $200,000 annually. This might defer from region to region like in Mel and Sydney it surely be higher than average and so will be your living expenses.
Providing a region wise data would be tough to locate based on resources available online. However, jobs are sufficiently available for this demand driven position throughout the country.

Maybe this will help .

Sydney: Sydney is a major hub for data science jobs in Australia. It’s home to numerous tech companies, financial institutions, and startups that heavily rely on data analysis. Major industries driving demand for data scientists in Sydney include finance, technology, healthcare, and e-commerce.

Melbourne: Melbourne also has a thriving data science community. It’s known for its strong focus on research and development, particularly in sectors like healthcare, biotechnology, and academia. The city hosts various tech events and conferences, providing networking opportunities for professionals in the field.

Canberra: As the capital city, Canberra has a significant presence of government agencies and research institutions. Data scientists in Canberra often work on projects related to public policy, national security, and public health. The Australian government invests in data-driven initiatives, creating opportunities for professionals in this field.

Brisbane: Brisbane is emerging as a growing tech hub in Australia. The city is attracting startups and tech companies, particularly in industries such as mining, energy, and logistics. Data scientists in Brisbane may find opportunities in optimizing processes, predictive maintenance, and resource management.

Perth: Perth, known for its mining industry, offers opportunities for data scientists to work on projects related to resource exploration, production optimization, and environmental monitoring. Additionally, the city has a growing tech scene with startups focusing on agriculture, renewable energy, and marine industries.

Adelaide: Adelaide is recognized for its strengths in defense, aerospace, and manufacturing industries. Data scientists in Adelaide may work on projects related to defense technology, robotics, and advanced manufacturing processes. The city also has a growing healthcare sector, creating opportunities in health informatics and medical research.

Overall, the demand for data scientists is high across Australia, with opportunities available in various industries and regions. Professionals with strong technical skills, domain knowledge, and the ability to communicate insights effectively are highly sought after in the job market. Networking, continuous learning, and staying updated on industry trends can help individuals succeed in their data science careers in Australia.