Hey everyone! Super excited to share the news

Hey everyone! Super excited to share that I’ve got acceptances from some awesome universities in the US for my undergrad studies.

The list includes notable names like Pennsylvania State University, Arizona State University (ASU), University of Texas at Dallas, Michigan State University, University of Miami, University of Arizona, and Ohio State University.

Out of these, Arizona State University has caught my attention, especially because of the attractive scholarship they’ve offered and its standing in the realm of computer science education.

Initially, I was under the impression that ASU was more known for its social scene rather than its academic prowess. Is that the case, especially in the context of computer science?

But, my subsequent research has piqued my interest in their CS program offered through the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, situated in the vibrant city of Tempe, close to Phoenix.

I’m looking for feedback on whether choosing ASU for my CS studies would be a smart move. How does ASU stack up in terms of its academic reputation, location, and the opportunities it presents in the computer science domain.


Congratulations on all your admissions!
ASU does have a comparatively better reputation. However, your views on the social scene are not completely wrong (I am saying this in a good way). I had many CS friends and they were happy with their program, professors, and opportunities. Arizona being nearer to California also makes it better for CS graduates since we get many companies during the Job Fair (Please note that Job Fair in US is not like the recruitment drive in India, companies only come to promote themselves and answer questions from candidates rather than taking resumes and interviews.) There are many prominent companies based in Phoenix which also creates opportunities for internships.

If you’re offered a scholarship I will suggest to seriously consider ASU along with other State Universities.
Lastly, please know that eventually, colleges do not matter as much for jobs as your skills, projects, and experiences. So, choose the one where you get maximum financial benefits. Texas has some rule that if you have more than $1-2K scholarship, you’re considered an in-state candidate which cuts your fees to 50% (please confirm this information from the University)

Good Luck, Have a great journey!!