Help pls! ub or bing

I need help deciding between binghamton or university at buffalo, i got into both through the eop program, i from nyc and i heard they are great schools . For reference i’m majoring in political science and intend to take the law route. Bing is way closer than buffalo btw. They both weren’t my first choices but it’s smarter to go the affordable route. How is the college life/ town? I’m looking for the college experience, dorming etc. Feel free to share any experiences at ub or anything i should know before going and pls share any info on the eop program

binghamton is the most boring city (if u can even call it that). i used to live there and it was extremely depressing and dead. buffalo is a giant city that has lots of stuff to do and great nightlife. bing and ub have very similar academics, which are very good for public state schools. ub is also slightly larger with like 21k undergrad students compared to bing with around 15k

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