HDFC Credila loan amount

What’s the process of HDFC credila to sanction the amount of loan (non-collateral)?
I have read in this portal that they decide it with combined factors like student’s overall profile + income of co-borrower and all.
So I wanted to know that how much amount a particular profile can as loan.
If there is any example with student’s and co-borrower’s profiles , then I can understand it properly.

Hi @Jay_Bharadva,

The easiest way to know if you are eligible for the loan is to check your loan eligibility on our website. Go to GyanDhan > Loans > Check Loan eligibility.
The loan eligibility tool will ask you questions such as the type of loan, loan amount, co-applicants profile, etc. to suggest a lender that will best suit your profile and the loan amount you can get.

Further, it will put you in touch with an Education Loan Counselor who will not only discuss the loan options with you but will also help you in the entire loan application process.

The maximum loan amount you can borrow is INR 40 lakhs. However, there are case exceptions where the loan amount limit is extended if the student’s academic record is outstanding. In general, all the mentioned factors play a role in sanctioning the loan. There is no set student profile for a particular amount. But as an example, I’m mentioning a profile for a loan of INR 40 lakhs
A student with

  • First Division in their undergrad,
  • 80% and above in 12th and 10th,
  • 320+ GRE score,
  • TOEFL - 100+
    Or if the student has taken IETLS, then 7.0 band and above,
  • target college should have a good rank for the target course and program.

Co-applicant’s profile -

  • the income of the co-applicant should be at least INR 90,000 and above per month,
  • CIBIL Score of 700+
    Another factor that is taken into consideration is the existing liabilities of the co-applicant. If the co-applicant is already paying off previous non-collateral loans, then the income should be enough to take on another liability of making interest payments during the study period. This will be decided by HDFC Credila only.

To ensure your profile qualifies for a loan from HDFC Credila, get in touch with our Education Loan Counselor. They will ask you in-depth questions to gauge your profile for a loan from HDFC Credila. If in case your profile does not qualify for a loan from this lender, they will suggest you the next best option.
Hope this helps. All the best!

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I have received my i20 from TAMU for MS in Industrial wherein I have not shown any loan sanction letter as a part of liquid funds. I have applied for an edu loan via HDFC CREDILA as well as an education loan via Discover (located in USA) as they are offering lower interest rates. Please suggest which is the better option for me and will an education loan from USA have any impact on my F1 VISA?

Hi @Anish_Joshi,

To be absolutely sure about the right lender for you, I would suggest checking your loan eligibility on our website. GyanDhan > Loans > Check Loan eligibility.
The tool will suggest the best lender as per your profile and the details provided by you. You can also connect with our counselor, who will discuss your profile and needs and then suggest a lender.

As for the better option between Credila and Discover - An Indian lender would be a better option.
Reasons -

  1. You will be eligible for tax benefits. Read about them here -
    Under Section 80E: Education Loan Tax Benefit
    You will be eligible for this tax exemption even with a loan from HDFC Credila.

  2. If you take the loan in USD, you will end up paying more than you owe. This is because of the fluctuations in the exchange rate. The value of the USD to INR has been on a high and the trend will keep steady. If at any point during your loan tenure, you decide to come back to India and then repay the loan, you will be repaying more than you actually owe to the bank.

This video explains the point in detail -

Therefore, even though we help students get an education loan from international lenders, we advise them to first explore Indian lenders as they are more economical.

Hope this helps you. If you require any further assistance in your education loan, do contact us. Or you can post your query on this thread.

All the best!