Has anyone taken BCOM 4380 & or MARK 3322?

Hi everyone has anyone taken BCOM 4380 & or MARK 3322? How were the classes like load wise and any teachers yall recommend? I'm considering taking it either as an elective next semester since it is my last, would appreciate any comments!!!

Hey! Choosing classes for your last semester, huh? BCOM 4380 and MARK 3322 sound interesting, but it’s smart to weigh your options. The workload and what you’ll get out of the class can really depend on the professor. Some might load you up with projects and assignments, while others focus more on tests or just showing up and participating. It’s a good idea to peek at some student reviews online to see what others say about the workload and the professors teaching these classes. They can tell you who’s tough, who’s helpful, and how much time you’ll need to put in outside of class.

Also, since these are electives, think about what you’re really into or what might look good for your future plans. Chat with your academic advisor, too—they know the ins and outs and can help make sure whatever you pick fits with your graduation timeline. Last semesters are special, so picking something that interests you or could give you a leg up in the future can make it even better