Has anyone done CPT?, need some suggestions!

I’m an international student studying computer science at UCM and I’m thinking about doing curricular practical training (CPT) next semester. Has anyone done this before? I want to know if it’s a good idea and how it works. Also, if you know about any internship opportunities for next semester, please let me know. Thanks!

So if you are planning to do CPT you have to start 3-6 months before and I think for summer you should have started since January. Few points to be take care is to make a killer resume and also according to the USA firms so best is every university has there own career development program so go to them and get your resume done and meet all your professors who thought you through out the course and ask them guidance , references for it . Make your LinkedIn and other portals ready for job search and apply daily 10 at least with tailoring resume for each JD . Many companies hire interns .

Best of luck .