Had an interesting scam attempt today 😲

Someone pretending to be from ASU Police said I’d be jailed if I didn’t update my address :roll_eyes:. Decided to play along to see what their game was. The scammer caught on and hung up, throwing some racist insults my way.

Thought it was worth mentioning because the call came from +1 (480) 965-3456, which is the actual number for ASU police.

Does anyone know how they managed to fake the ASU police department’s number so perfectly?

Did he mention his name? It could be really useful to report him to the ASU police department.

Yes, I’ve reported the incident to ASU PD, even they seem to be clueless of how the scammers were able to replicate their mobile number. To quote my father "What the hell is happening out there in the world!":face_exhaling::joy:

Making an outbound call and showing any random phone number as your caller ID is pretty straightforward. The current phone system doesn’t really check if the caller ID is correct or not. It’s similar to how the email system works on the internet, where anyone can send an email using any ‘from’ address they like. Both these systems were created in a time when such checks weren’t considered necessary.

Initially, it was designed for genuine purposes, but now scammers are misusing it without any checks. When you’re calling someone for work, you’d prefer showing the company’s main number instead of your personal extension. That’s what it was meant for.

Wow, thanks for the details! I feel like even the officer I spoke with didn’t have this much info.


Considering they were pretending to be a police officer and used an ASU-specific number, I suggest contacting ASU Police Department with whatever details you have, and perhaps drop an email to infosec@ASU.edu.com as well. Other students, especially those not too familiar with how our systems operate, might easily get tricked by this.

I’ve told everything to ASU Police, and the officer was really surprised to hear that the scammers had the same phone number as theirs.

You’re right, other students could also get tricked by this. I’ll send all the details that I have to the university mail, thank you so much :pray:.


Also, can you add more emojis with the follow up post I had trouble staying engaged

Haha :joy::joy:. Suree…