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The loan scholarship will come in handy for the students who are taking an education loan and want to lessen the financial burden. Many times, the student doesn’t get the entire amount sanctioned from the banks and in such times, this scholarship will be a boon for the student.

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Hi, when would the scholarship winner be announced tentatively?

Hey, the last date of applying for the scholarship is 31st August 2022.
The result would be declared once the deadline is closed.
Please keep checking the latest updates for the same.

hi mam , so the deadline is mentioned as 31st of august . so is it for those students who had got admit earlier this year ? or is it also for students who are yet to apply for 2023 fall ? can we apply if we had not yet taken ielts ??

Yes, this is for the students who got admission in the university.
This scholarship is a one-time award and it is rewarded to a student at the beginning of the academic year.
For IELTS examination, it depends upon your university whether it requires or not.
I hope this help you out!
If you still have nay doubt let us know :innocent:

Hey! Have the results been released?

Yes, the results will be announced on the 31st of October.
Stay updated with us. Best of luck :innocent: