Guidance on switching majors

A HS senior here, in the process of applying to UT Dallas. Still waiting on that acceptance letter. I’m aiming for pre-dental. On my application, I put down neuroscience as my major, but now I’m wondering, would it make more sense to switch to a BS in Healthcare Studies instead? Can I even ask for a major change before getting the decision on my acceptance or rejection?

Switching your major in the first few years is actually quite simple! Most programs have you take general core credits along with some introductory courses for your major early on, making it straightforward to discuss a change with your advisor. However, it’s important to reflect on why you’re considering a major change. It shouldn’t just be because you think “it’ll impress dental school admissions”. At the end of the day, what truly counts is your GPA, DAT scores, and extracurricular activities. Your choice of major comes second unless it ties directly to your passions. Concentrate on excelling in your coursework and engaging in extracurriculars and hobbies that genuinely capture your interest! Depth is more valuable than breadth.

OMG tysm for the kind and helpful response! Makes me wanna go to UTD even more if there are nice ppl like you a lot on campus :D. Rlly happy to hear that it’s easy to change majors (at least at UTD). Neither of my parents (bless their hearts!) have a lot of college experience so as a first gen applicant any help is indispensable.

Absolutely!! And don’t hesitate to get in touch with your advisors! Plus, if you’re on a scholarship like AES, McDermott, or National Merit (to name a few), there are usually resources available aimed at helping students get settled and thrive! Also, UTD boasts a pre-dental association along with numerous other student and academic organizations for pre-med and pre-dental students! Take a look and find what grabs your interest!