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In the world of education, nothing is static. Especially in today’s generation, subjects and courses are as diverse as the insect population.

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My GRE score is pretty low - a meager 295. I will be retaking the GRE. Any tips to score at least 320 or above?

Since you’ve already given the test once before, you’d be pretty aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
To improve your score, I suggest taking stock of the way you are preparing for certain sections. Assess how many hours you are putting in and in what section or topic, how many test papers you’ve solved.
Make a 90-day plan and fine-tune your preparation. Focus more on your weak areas and do regular practice for the rest. For example, focus on quant and verbal for one day. For the next day, focus on writing assessment. Keep one day for practice test papers.
Make sure you stick to your schedule, make a timetable, and even plan the hours. You should know what you are supposed to complete before you start your day.
Solve as many mock test papers as you can.
Brush up on your vocabulary daily.
Don’t just practice the questions. Analyze them and gain a deeper understanding of the questions. Find patterns in them. This will help you find quicker ways to solve a question.
Your concepts should be clear and on your tips.
Keep a log of the errors you are making. Check if you are repeating the mistakes. Focus on them more.
Most of all, keep at it and stay focused. Good resource material is as good as your preparation.