Got reported to student conduct for data structure

Hey guys got reported to student conduct for data structure, had posted my hw online and people copied it last semester. I had taken data structures in spring 23 and uploading to course hero you can’t delete them yourself. I contacted support to remove documents with my name one there due to “infringement” and I still have the documents and emails of me requesting course hero take down these files. I have been through two strikes with student conduct and expect to graduate this summer and anymore strikes could result in a possible suspension/expulsion. Any help, genuinely stressed about this as uploading online was unintentional to get unlocks on course hero. Had zero intentions to sell/showcase my work while still in school, infact I called course hero right after school ended in may. What is the best possible outcome I could get and what should I do in this meeting, any help and details appreciated
Why would you upload them with your name on it?
Why so? I have receipts of me asking course hero to take it down. Not too sure if that helps honestly scared
It was a mistake, definitely. Course hero allows you to upload multiple files and i literally just selected without knowing which is which. Couple moment later after in checked I realized and emailed support
Can’t lie ,your screwed up. Things would have been a lot different if it was delhi unniversity.