GMAT Online Take from Home Test Commences April 20, 2020

GMAT Online Take from Home Test Commences April 20, 2020

Over the past several weeks, anxious MBA and b-school MS aspirants who have not taken the GMAT test yet have been waiting for details regarding the new GMAT Online test which can be taken from home. Recently, GMAC released information regarding the format of the new test. We believe that taking the test from home will be a challenge at best. Why?

Restrictions on the use of pencil and paper and the insistence on the use of a virtual whiteboard thus slowing candidates down considerably

Expectation that all quant problems should be completed in 120 seconds each INCLUDING the use of the virtual whiteboard which is nearly impossible to do if the test taker is targeting a 100% completion rate

Restriction on taking more than one restroom break and only one five minute break allowed during the entire test

No breaks between the sections which was initially the case in the traditional test format

Possible requirement of the use of a 360 degree camera

Directive which states that test takers can take the GMAT Online test only once thus implying that candidates may not retake the test to improve the overall score

Limited test taking window until June 15, 2020

US$200 fee which seems a little high for a home test

Inability to cancel the test after seeing the score

7 day wait to see the test results

So what are we implying and recommending?

If you are between the proverbial rock and a hard spot, must start your MBA or b-school MS journey in September 2020, hold pending applications because of the GMAT score and can wait no longer, please take the test. We believe that your performance will be seriously compromised given the fact that you have had no practice experience with this new format. If you have applied to b-schools, explain to them why the GMAT Online is not a feasible value proposition. Wait till the GMAT test returns to its original format and take it then. We are more than happy to discuss your situation with you even if you have not commenced with your b-school admissions process. Write to us with your phone number.