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Will the admission committees in Top Universities of the US value certificates from online courses like Coursera , edX?

Given a student has done ECE engineering and has working experience in Programming for >2years, will the CS-based Coursera certificates help in increasing the likelihood of getting a CS-based Masters in Fall 2021?

Can you show some sample profiles of students getting admits in top 10 universities of canada?

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For the benefit of others:

  1. These certificates shows that the applicant is pro-active, self-learning and is well-prepared for the course.
  2. But, it may not be considered equivalent to prerequisites course that needs to be taken as a part of Bachelors.

Whether the competition for Fall 2021 admissions will be higher in the US considering that there are many students who have decided to postpone their plans to 2021?

The competition is always very high for the courses in the US but it should not stop you from trying your best in terms of test preparation or academic preparations. You must try to improve your own performance rather than pondering too much on the competition.

What are the best universities in New Zealand and how are the job opportunities there?

There are some fantastic universities in New Zealand such as the University of Auckland, University of Otago, Auckland University of Technology. New Zealand’s economy is very strong. However, the demands for a course by international students are usually lower that countries such as the USA or Canada. The process is almost same as the other countries. English knowledge is very important so one must focus on improving that in order to qualify. STEM courses from NZ can get you good outcome in terms of job opportunity.

My friend wants to pursue MS in Quantitative Finance from top US university. He has 7.4 GPA, 321 marks in GRE. He is a final year student of Engineering in Electronics and Communication from Nirma University. He has scored 112 TOEFL and has done internship from IIM Ahmadabad. What are his chances in colleges like USC or UT Austin?

There are various top programs in the US in which admission acceptance rate is of less than 30 percent. Especially USC is very Asian dominant university so the competition is very high there, especially in Quantitative Finance. The focus should be on the quantitative and verbal skills. Many business programs require a few years of work experience, so check the college’s eligibility criteria before applying.

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If I get an admit for January 2021, should I go in January 2021 or ask them to defer to Fall 2021?

I am currently in 4th year of my btech. I have 6.8 gpa, gre 310, IELTS 7.0 and what are my chances for top 200 universities in USA. Should I go for fall 2021 or Should I wait for an year. Also, should I prefer any other country over USA?

Hello everyone!
Is it safe to go to do MS in Data Science and ML in the US in Fall 2021, considering the current situation? ?Are there enough job opportunities in US, post Masters education in this domain?

Replying on behalf of the speaker -

If you are able to go, you should go. But we are already in August and we are not sure when the travel restrictions will be uplifted. There are mainly three concerns -

  • When will India lift the travel restrictions and allow people to travel abroad,
  • When will countries start receiving,
  • When will the visas get issued.
    Right now, none of these things are happening. If you have an admit for January 2021, you can wait until October 2020 to make a decision.

Replying on behalf of the speaker -

I think top 200 is a great possibility with your scores and profile. This will give you a lot of options. I’m assuming it is a STEM course.
You can plan for Fall 2021.
Another thing, as you are planning for Fall 2021, you will graduate in 2023. All the predictions and economic models project better conditions in 2023 and, we should be out of this mess by then. By the time you graduate, the economy would be back on track. University is always a great place to write-off the recession.

Replying on behalf of the speaker -

The above answer addressed the same situation. Recession is the best time to enroll in a university. By the time you graduate in 2023, the market will look quite different. If anything, Data Science is one of the most important fields in the future. You will find that there are a lot of job opportunities in this field, not only in the USA but also elsewhere.