Flunked my first Calc 2 exam

I just flunked my first Calc 2 exam, but I’m already at the minimum credit hours for my scholarship. If I drop the class, do those hours just vanish, or will it show up as a ‘W’ on my transcript?

Basically, am I risking my scholarship by not meeting the credit hour requirement if I drop this course?

Many scholarships require you to complete 30 credits annually. You’d likely need to compensate for the lost credits in the summer or by taking on 18 credits in the inter-semester.

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But does summer count for this academic year, or the next? I was under the impression it counts for the next, which really complicates things for me…

The academic year starts with the fall semester and includes the next summer semester. When I faced a similar dilemma, I had to tally my hours from Fall 2021 through Summer 2022 to maintain my scholarship for Fall 2022. Also, UTA’s new policy on credit requirements might be in your favor if you have transfer or AP credits, as those can contribute towards your total.

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well that’s a relief if it’s accurate. I’m considering dropping and retaking the course at TCC over the summer.

Yes, summer is counted within the current academic year, but double-check with the financial aid office to be certain.

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Also, thanks, everyone. I’ll check with financial aid to confirm the summer credits. Just to clarify, does anyone know if there’s a deadline for summer class registration that I should be aware of?

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Usually, summer registration deadlines are a bit before the session starts, but it varies by institution. For TCC, you might want to check their website or call the registrar’s office soon to avoid missing out. Planning early is the key!

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Makes sense, I’ll do that. Also, does withdrawing have any long-term impact on transcripts or future scholarship applications.

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