Financial dilemma

Hi guys, I got admit in Arizona State Univ (MS)
I have my Visa interview in coming days.
I have got scholarships and using personal savings for expenses. So during the interview, If I show scholarship and liquid funds. Will that be sufficient for the VO or do I need to add some thing else as well?

Oh great… ASU is a great place. May I know your score as well.
In reality, basically they try to gauge that the applicant can take care of its expenses and the host country doesn’t have to provide. The applicant doesn’t become a burden in time.
If you are showing it in form Liquid funds and if they are sufficient, then I dont think it will be a problem. Rest you can ask for some professional help. They can tell you exactly, what VOs generally look for in case of finances.
All the best buddy for the interview

I guess so, liquid funds and scholarships are enough. Just avoid any statements that indicates you plan to stay after your course.

Kudos, ASU is a great place. A relative of mine is pursuing his PhD (CS) from there.
Yeah, it will be enough for sure. BTW if you can reveal the amount of liquid funds in your account. It will be much easier to respond to this query.
Anyhoo all the best…

Alright. Will keep that in my mind. But if they ask any question regarding that like what are your views on permanent residency or anything like. Should I lie? I am not very comfortable with lying or confrontation.

Hi, @abir
My GRE score is 314 and my GPA is 7.1.
Thanks for replying.
And Can you also suggest me some online platform for that?

Oh great.
yes absolutely. I have 20L of liquid fund in my bank account.

Sorry for the late reply. Was busy in some urgent work.
How was your interview. Did you get the Visa?

It depends upon the cost of your studies, if the amount you are showing is more than sufficient then I guess, it will not be a problem. BTW, I am quite late. Just curious to know …your interview over? What was the result?

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Hey thanks for asking. No, it was rejected…I have another one scheduled next week.

Hi Momita.
Thanks for responding. Yeh …it is over…got rejected though…:thinking:

Aww… that is sad…when is the 2nd round?