Financial aid for the spring semester

My gpa fell below a 2.0 this semester, will I still receive financial aid for the spring semester?

Either u won’t receive or u will be on academic financial aid warning!

This is my first year here so I’m guessing it would be academic financial aid warning? Right? And how does that work? Is it similar to academic warning wear they give you the same amount but just warn you that if you don’t improve you’ll lose it?

Yeah you’ll be on probation which is basically a warning, you’ll get the Pell grant but no TAP.

I dont go to ub but i just wanna say I experienced something similar so ur not alone.

For 2.5 years i majored in marketing for the same reason- bc i had no idea what to major in. I took a data analysis class and realized i loved it so i took the initiative to just transfer to a new university completely and major in stats and cs. Now I’m transferring this spring!

Obviously not all my credits are gonna transfer over and i “wasted time” but i’m still glad i did it. I feel like I wouldve regretted it if i didnt. Switching majors as a junior might be a little late, but its better doing it now than never if you truly feel like business isnt for you.

Well yes if u don’t get ur gpa up this spring ur getting either kicked out of school or there straight up dropping u from your major!! just get ur gpa up, u got this!!!

@HarshVerma75 Yes I’ve already used the SEAS portal to figure out what I need and as long as I can get an A, and two Bs I’ll be sitting at comfortable spot for next fall

@aditya_rai Bet, so just do that and ur chillin