Final grades posted date?

When does this happen? I am a bit worried about the class. I did well on most of my assignments, but that professor changed many things and assigned assignments with incomplete information. I hope to pass with a C in an elective class, and my GPA is high… A 4000 class also.<- stupid class ever taken too 1

Every professor will have a different final grade posted. I believe all the grades will be released before May 2nd Week and after all exams/tests be completed.

You should talk to your TA or mail professor to talk about your grades and what your final grade is gonna be. Once posted will not be reversed or updated.

That makes sense, thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely reach out to the TA and the professor to discuss my grades. It’s just a bit frustrating not knowing where you stand, especially with everything changing so last minute. Hopefully, it all works out and doesn’t impact my GPA too much.

I think it’s today and that’s when we can see the grades. And tomorrow that’s when students receive an email stating their academic standing. If they go on probation or not and so on.

Here, take a look at this