Felt like cheating!

I’m a CS student and I landed a return offer from my last internship at Meta University a few months back. Despite starting on May 28, I’m feeling really unprepared.

Throughout my internship, my manager, peers, other interns, and friends all said I was excelling, which is probably why I got a return offer. But the truth is, I leaned heavily on ChatGPT to pull off my project. In the Meta University program, we don’t touch the real Meta codebase; we attend classes and then independently develop a project. We also need to add two “stretch features” to our project, which are pretty tough to crack. Plus, because of the non-disclosure agreement at Meta, I won’t be able to use any AI tools like ChatGPT, and I’m worried that might set me up for a fall.

I can’t shake the feeling that I sort of cheated by using ChatGPT for my project. Any advice? Am I in over my head?

I have a serious question. If people in the comments right now told you that you were cooked, would you just like decline the internship and do nothing lol? Obviously fking not. Whether u think u can’t code or u can, your still ganna do the internship. You have an opportunity that most will ever see in their lifetimes. If you feel incompetent at coding then start practicing now although u likely have imposter syndrome. Nonetheless you’re not cooked, but if ur concerned u have 2 months to passively practice. Btw I’m graduated but this sub comes up on my feed a fair bit but I can 100% confirm that most of what you’ll need to know will be learned on the job, not really from the classroom. Just vibe, learn, and have fun.

yeah, you’re right, I def know how to code, but I got to learn a lot more specially because it is a big tech. I’m kinda scared

You have to fake to make it. Put that impostor syndrome on reverse. Ain’t you pass Meta’s harsh interview process?

That’s reason enough for you to know you belong there

Bro I graduated with an ass gpa, and I work at a decent company. Not meta, but still big tech. I’m not saying develop a superiority complex, but definitely have a growth mindset.

You’re as capable as the majority of folks there, and the fact that you even landed the first internship means you had something they were looking for. Also nothing wrong with using AI tools - my company keeps pushing copilot. It increases productivity. But in the future, do make sure you understand whats going on.

i always understood what was going on, but i think i wasn’t capable of making all by myself

ty for the words tho, appreciate it:)