Feeling really exhausted with CS, thinking about switching majors

Okay, so… things haven’t been exactly smooth with my computer science major. I’ve been managing alright grade-wise, but a bunch of stuff, from the class structures to the whole FAANG/Tech Bro vibe (not that it’s everyone’s attitude, but it’s kinda off-putting), has really worn me down. It got to the point where, along with other life stuff happening, I hit a bit of a mental breakdown. I’ve paused my classes for a bit, and getting back into programming on my own has rekindled my passion for it, but the thought of returning and losing that spark again is something I’m really not looking forward to.

I’ve talked it over with my therapist, and she thinks switching majors might be a good idea. Right now, I’m torn between biotech and applied computing at West. The latter has only recently popped up on my radar since it’s super convenient location-wise (I’m about 7 minutes from ASU West, which also plays into the whole CS class situation), but I’ve been leaning more towards biotech, thinking it might be better for job prospects in that field. Plus, I’ve got bioinformatics in the back of my mind as a possibility.

Clearly, there are ups and downs to both options, but I’m on the lookout for any advice anyone might have?

I’m curious what you mean by catered to FAANG/Tech ?

What’s the goal with the 1-credit? Is it for OGS or meeting the 120 Rule? You can request to have it waived for either, though your chances might be better for OGS needs.

If you’re unable to get the waiver, is there a reason you can’t opt for a B-session course? Both EDP310 and PPE offer 1-credit options for B-session. If it’s OGS you’re after, then FIN123 won’t be eligible. It needs to be classes outside of WPC.

I hope you’re feeling a little well. I am sorry that you had to experience such classmates. Fortunately, my experiences with my fellow mates were amazing. Changing major is a big decision but considering your situation, it might be better to reevaluate your interest. There will be enough opportunities in either of the fields so lean into the one you’re most interested in.

If you're super near to the west campus, I'd reckon that's your best bet. Try switching to applied, test it out. Could be a nice shift in pace and a smaller campus might simplify the process of meeting folks who gel with your major.