Feeling kinda good after finishing the first sem!

Hey, everyone! Just finished my first semester here at ASU. Honestly, it’s been quite a ride. The campus life is vibrant, isn’t it? How’s everyone adjusting?

Totally agree! The campus is lively, and there’s always something happening. I was a bit worried about the academic shift, especially since my last math class was ages ago. But, diving back into studying has been quite the experience. How are you managing your courses?

It’s been a mix for me. Some professors are absolutely inspiring, while a few seem a bit detached. Found myself spending evenings at the library just to keep up. Did anyone else feel the need to revisit their study material just to grasp it fully or are you just thinking about the house parties now???

Haha,:joy::joy: I guess everyone is thinking about the house parties at priority but I’ve also re-reading my textbooks and taking notes. It seems to help, especially with the subjects I’m less familiar with. It’s like you discover something new each time. What strategy are you guys using?

nerd alert!:face_exhaling:

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I’m on the same page as you. Note-taking has been crucial for me too. Also, I’m trying to balance my studies with campus events to get the full ASU experience. It’s about finding that sweet spot between academics and campus life. Anyone found any interesting clubs or activities?

Definitely exploring more next semester. It’s all about pacing ourselves, I guess. Speaking of which, did anyone else feel the administrative processes, like visa applications, were daunting because of the language preference issue? I was worried it would be a problem since I marked English as my first language by mistake.

I had a similar concern, Aryan. But so far, it hasn’t been an issue for me. Communication with the administration has been smooth. It’s all about being clear and asking for help when needed. We’re in this together, after all.

True that, I am really happy about the overall support system at the university. And talking about help, how are you guys planning to tackle the next semester? Any particular courses or professors you’re looking forward to?

I’m actually excited about a few elective courses. And yes, planning to join a few clubs to broaden my network. It’s about making the most of our time here at ASU.

Couldn’t agree more. Let’s keep sharing insights and tips. It makes navigating university life a bit easier knowing you’re not alone in this.