Fanshawe College - Canada

How is the Information Security Management course at Fanshawe College? In general, how is the college in comparison to other schools?

The course is for the technically minded people. It is a one-year graduate program and will provide a broader understanding of security concepts. The course will prepare you for on-field problems along with theoretical knowledge. The course is highly recommended if you already have some experience in the field as it will help you build on it further. So, if you have some work experience in this field, definitely go for this course as it will be a great addition to your resume.
Admissions for May 2020, January 2021, and September 2021 are still open. Though May 2020 classes will be held online.
Regarding the comparison with other schools, it has a good reputation. It is one of the largest public colleges in Ontario. It also has a good ranking as a research college with a high acceptance rate for international students. Plus, the college has partnered with Canada Homestay Network to provide housing to international students. You will also have the option to choose on-campus accommodation or enlist the help of the college for off-campus housing.
I’d say Fanshawe College is a good college for international students. It’s all about choosing the right subject to study.

Thank you for the answer.
Any recommended course? I’m a little confused about the colleges in Canada.
Please also tell about Lambton College. Would it be a good option in comparison to Fanshawe?

The Information Security Management course at Fanshawe College - a one year graduate program - is quite good. The program focuses on areas such as:

  • Interpersonal, organizational, communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Practical aspects of security such as vulnerability testing, writing security policies, risk analysis, implementing access controls, and performing security audits.
  • Computer operating systems, networking and various application software to the simulation of business processes.
  • Security concepts to manage both the strategic and operational aspects of information security.

The university is among the best in Canada, when it comes to this particular course. This course is also offered by the University of Toronto (UT).

Fanshawe College is one of the largest colleges in Canada. It has approximately 43,000 students and provides over 200 higher education programs. The university is particularly known for its contribution to media and music, and has faculty who are also part of the media industry. Notable Alumni include Damian Warner (decathlete and bronze medal winner in Athletics at the 2016 Olympics), Les Stroud, Cheryl Hickey, Kelley Armstrong, Bruce Smith, Craig Mann and many others.

While the college is considered good for information security management and a few other courses, the overall atmosphere and placements are decent. It is among the top 100 colleges in Canada, and among the top 6,000 colleges globally.