FAFSA 24-25 parents no ssn

FAFSA 24-25 parents no ssn
I completed my part of the FAFSA but I tried to complete my parents part and I couldn’t get past the verify identify part. I was making their account then it would just say account not completed error. Has anyone successfully completed their parents part who don’t have a ssn? I heard that I need to call FAFSA to verify their identify but I haven’t heard of anyone who successfully verified it. Please lmk!

@Harsh_Singhh Try all 0s or all 9s and if that does not work I recommend going in person; the lady who worked at the desk helped me out with that

UTA can help w FAFSA???

i searched online but did not see them… @radarrry_fish

@Harsh_Singhh Yes, there is an office at Bussiness of Administration building