F1 visa application


In 2016 I went to England to study a bachelors engineering and I wasn’t doing so well but I kept trying so hard to pass and I was passing but not with 80% grades. I studied till halfway my course and realized engineering wasn’t my path anymore. It was my parents idea to study this course. My high school teachers I went to suggested I do piloting because it would’ve been easier but my parents didn’t like the idea. I withdrew from engineering in the end of 2019 and went back to my country then tried to look for a flying school to join and applied for an m1 visa to go to USA. I went for the visa interview unprepared not knowing much. I didn’t do much research. My flight school course was 12 months and required $100,000 and I showed $20,000. The visa interviewer didn’t reject my visa at the interview but instead told me that she will collect my passport and told me to check my visa status online. Then I got my answer online but this was during the peak of COVID pandemic. I got rejected. Ever since then I didn’t apply for a U.S. visa and started to work with my family business and started to develop a passion for it. I did think of going back to university to study business but my father passed away and so I stayed in my country more and continued to work with my family in business. Now I realize it’s time to go to university and study business to improve my academic skills. What are my chances of getting a U.S. visa this time to study in a business course?

Hi @Abdalla

Unfortunately, there are very few chances that you will get a visa approval. The reasons for this are :-

  • You dropped your bachelors in engineering in the middle of the course period. It is not an amicable point to be noted while you appear for your next visa application since your past academic records are also referred to by the authorities.
  • The amount you showed for an M1 visa application - $20,000 was far less than the required amount - $100,000. Any mismatch in the shown amount and required amount can trigger the authorities to reject your application.
  • Your visa application has already been rejected once so there are minimal chances of getting an approval in the second attempt now.

You have to be clear about what you really want to make a career in - engineering, pilot or business and then be determined about one field. You have also not mentioned here which course in business you want to pursue.

Hope you make an unwavering decision soon and then look forward to the possibilities lying in the field of your genuine interest.