Experience with random roommates?

Hi! I’m an incoming freshman (CO28) and was wondering what the experience was like after being randomly assigned to a roommate? Thanks!

I think your new roommate will be smart enough to get into MIT.
I had a random roommate my freshman year. We weren't friends and happened to have pretty different schedules so we were never in the room at the same time other than to sleep. I didn't really have any problems with it. Other than a few conversations and rescuing her ice cream when she fell asleep eating it in bed, it wasn't memorable at all - good or bad.

My sophomore year I picked a “friend” as a roommate and had a horrible experience. She never was in the room since she stayed at her boyfriends, but told everyone it was because I was messy (her half of the room was pristine, even if mine was messy).

I had a single my junior and senior years and it was so much better.

I had two roommates my freshman year. One was in ROTC, we had very different schedules and we kind of butted heads, but are friends now (10+ years later). The other one I got along with really well and we've been to each other's weddings. I stayed with her when she was living in London. Every time I'm in Boston we get together. Her dog just died and I'm sad about it. They are both awesome and I'm glad I picked a dorm where the culture was a good fit vs. prioritizing a single. I lived in a single sophomore to senior years.

Anyone heard horror stories and people meeting their best friends - coinflip imo? :joy:

I had a random roommate my freshman year in ASU and I was so nervous. I tried to contact her prior to us living together and then when I met her we just clicked!! She was so nice and sweet. She also let me hang out with her friends when they visited. I still keep in touch with her after many years.