Ending coop early

i’m currently on co-op that lasts till the end of june, but i just got an offer for a summer internship that i really want to do. to do this i would have to end my spring co-op 6 weeks early which i know is a lot, has anyone done this before? not sure if this is possible

i’m planning on telling my co-op advisor but i was wondering if anyone has any advice TIA

I don’t think this is unprecedented per se, but definitely talk to your co-op advisor and your manager–talk to whomever you’re on better terms with first. It’s in your co-op advisor’s interest to not have your position cut early for the program’s reputation, but if you can get your manager to sign off on it, you’re in about as good of a place as you can be. See if there is someone who can fill the role, eg the next co-op starts early or you know there is someone you could onboard. Great that you have so much notice, getting this to your manager/co-op advisor several months in advance is very helpful.

I’ve had a friend do this exactly, and it really just depends on your relationship with the company and supervisors. Co-op advisors will advise against this, because they worry about northeasterns reputation as well as your opportunity to gain as much experience as possible. Definitley advise your manager or closest supervisor first, feel them out, and hopefully get their approval. It’s not to say that you won’t look bad in the end, but it’s better to get a go ahead from them to better convince your advisor later.

i was just in this EXACT situation, except my new internship starts june 1st so it’s only a 4 week gap. i literally started reading this and had to think for a second if i had posted this and forgotten about it LMFAO. but i was hired and they stated in my offer letter that my start and end dates were flexible, so as soon as i started my co-op i reached out to hr to see if i could end it a month early. i didn’t disclose why and kept it vague. i was shocked, but they approved it!!! just maybe don’t say you want to end early for another internship and keep it as vague as possible. good luck, feel free to pm me with questions!

i agree ^ talk with your supervisor first and see what can be arranged. sometimes they’re okay with it, especially if you’ve been pretty productive and a reliable worker. if you have a good relationship with your team, they’re usually sad to see you go, but understand that the purpose of co-op is to help students get experience for their future careers, and they’re just glad that they were able to mentor you for a bit.