Educational Loan Options for PG Diploma in Canada | GyanDhan

Canada is fast becoming the number one preferred destination for Indian students who aspire to study abroad. A large number of world-class universities, tolerant environment for foreigners, and the option to apply for permanent residency are some of the reasons why international students choose Canada over other countries for their higher studies. Canada is currently home to nearly 572000 international students. The number of Indian students studying in Canada is steadily rising: it was 49420 in 2016 and increased to 83410 in 2017, and it won’t be wrong to say that this trend is here to continue. A majority of international students in Canada are enrolled in PG diploma courses, and a substantial chunk of Indian students to pursue a Postgraduate diploma in various fields. A postgraduate diploma, essentially, is done after an undergraduate degree and is moderately similar to a Master’s degree. However, unlike a Master’s degree that has 180 credits, a postgraduate diploma has 120 credits and typically lasts a year but can also be for two years in some places. In Canada, a postgraduate diploma is offered by community colleges.

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