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Across the world, over 5 million students preferred a foreign country over their home nation to study further in 2016. In India, more than 3,00,000 students picked foreign studies, making it the biggest source of international students right after China.

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If my plan is to stay in the country where I study and repay my loan by earning in the same country, then wouldn’t international lender be a better option?

With Excellent Acedemic Record in GRE, B.Tech & School
With Aerospace Enngineering
With Good CIBIL Score of Parents
Poor Repayment Payment Status
No collatoral
If Indian institute or Bank will provide unsecured loan ?

What if my actual loan amount reduces?
For example, if i apply for a loan of 20 Lacs and it gets passed, however after the sanction i recieve confirmation for a partial scholarship which reduces the external finance ie loan need to 12 Lacs. What can me done in this scenario?

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how many co applicant is required for non collateral loan for eg 16lac. And how much salary should be their of co applicant. Also who can become co applicant

No repayment (I mean current status of paying EMI is poor) does not match

Also, what is the scenario regarding early repayment in case of a secured/unsecured loan? and is it recommended to do so or should we use the entire tenure?


I have an overall 61% in my BE with 2 years of IT experience. Planning to take IELTS. Planning for MS (BA) in Australia. Is it possible to get around 45lac loan on a collateral worth 30lac ?

How do monthly interest is calculate in non collateral loan for eg for 1 lac what will be monthly interest we have to pay until course is completed.

What would be the tenure of years for repayment

Does any bank offer simple interest rates in case of secured loans for a period or do all institutes offer compound interest rates?

I need a loan to pursue a one year graduate diploma. post that i want to pursue masters as well. How should i apporach the finances for that. Obviously initially i will have to obtain a loan for the graduate diploma but what do i do post the completion of the same.

Would a good academic background, admit from a good university, good GRE and IELTS score help in getting a lower interest secured loan or do those factors do not come to play in a secured loan?

Can agricultural land be used as collateral? When can I contact Gyandhan for loan process? Can we start this before getting the admit?

For non collateral, does cousins or friends are they eligible as co applicant or only blood relation family members are eligible?
Sorry i got too many questions coming one after the another.

If prodigy gives 65% of the loan amount and u need to provide 35% ?

If they give max 65% ? Prodigy

I checked net and as per them, prodigy generally sanctions 65%

What is maximum loan amount eligible if suppose there is no co - applicant or co applicant is necessary in non secured loan