Early Action: Missing Financial Aid Docs


I heard that early action decisions may come out soon, since they were released in waves starting Janurary 28th last year, so the same may apply this year.

However, I just realized Northeastern never received one of my financial aid documents, and it is an essential document for them to calculate my aid.

Since they did not reach out and inquire for it, does that mean I am probably rejected or deferred?
LMK and tysm in advance!

they emailed me saying my financial aid wasn’t complete and my dumbass ain’t getting in so i don’t think it matters

Idk if it’s the same for EA but I was RD and in the portal along with my acceptance letter it said they weren’t able to calculate my financial aid because they haven’t received my CSS information (even though I submitted it already)

if they reached out then they’re probably going to accept u :skull:

@aceuwu my stats are very significantly below northeasterns standards so i’d be beyond shocked

@enginesss I got in with a 3.67 gpa test-optional. Only completed 3 AP courses when my school offers 20+, if you’re anything better than that then you’re probably fine

@aceuwu oh we’re pretty similar, how do you know the email means i probably got in

@enginesss If it was a generic email then it doesn’t really mean anything, but if they reached out from an admission staff email then they’re invested in you and want to be able to give you aid if you need. Either way it shouldn’t affect the admission decision, they just won’t give you aid

Doesn’t NEU consider how much aid they’d have to give you when making admission decisions? @aceuwu