Doubt in Sbi global ED-vantage scheme

Hi guys
I am Raj. I took a Sbi ed-vantage loan for abroad studies. I have a doubt in that. When they will charge the interest?(during the course time or after graduation). For indian studies they don’t charge any interest during study period. And also I took the loan with the help of my father(joint Acc) but he passed away last year before my course completion. Is there any chance to reduce the loan amount?. Please clarify me with this question.
Thanks in advance.


Hi Raj,

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Regarding your questions, the interest repayment on SBI ed-vantage loan will start only after the moratorium period, which is course years plus 6 months. You need not worry about repayment during the study period.

The loan terms do not change with the death of the joint account holder. There will be no reduction in the loan amount you get.

However, you can contact your branch manager to confirm the necessity of a new joint account holder. But nothing to worry about regarding the loan since the repayment is your responsibility.

Hope your doubt was cleared. Wish you all the best.

Adwaidh S