Does College Reputation Affect US Master's Admissions? Seeking B.Tech College Advice

I have got 96% in JEE Mains, and got JEE Advanced 19k rank.I’m choosing a college for B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and planning to pursue a master’s in the US. How much does the college name matter?

  1. Will a Thapar student get more preference than a local college student with the same profile?
  2. Do reputed colleges offer better support for research, recommendations, and internships?

I could attend SLIET for 2 lakhs or Thapar for 26 lakhs. Which is better for future prospects?

Choosing a BTech college with the intention of eventually applying for a master’s program abroad, especially in the US, is a crucial decision.

Highly reputed colleges such as IITs and NITs are well-recognized globally. Admissions committees at foreign universities are familiar with the rigorous academic standards and competitive nature of these institutions. A degree from such a college can provide a slight edge.
Next, tier 2/3 colleges might not have the same level of global recognition, they can still be a strong foundation. What truly matters is how you leverage the opportunities available to you.

Now A student from a well-known institution like Thapar might get some initial preference due to the college’s reputation. Admissions committees are aware of the quality of education and the competitive environment. A lesser-known college doesn’t necessarily mean a disadvantage. What matters most is your individual profile, including GPA, research experience, internships, projects, and extracurricular activities.

Ultimately, while the name of the college can have some impact, your personal achievements, experiences, and how you leverage the opportunities available to you will play a much more significant role in your master’s applications.