Does anyone know about the linguistic program in UNT?

how is the linguistics program at UNT
hi, i’m a high school senior planning on majoring in linguistics. i have obviously looked at what universities offer the best linguistics degree programs, but most are way out of state (either northern or western states) and additionally extremely expensive and hard to get into. (also, at this point, it would be too late to apply to them anyways)

i know UNT offers linguistics, but i’ve never really seen feedback for how good the program is. i’m particularly concerned about whether i’ll be considered as credible in the field as linguists from other universities and whether i’ll have the same job opportunities, as well as how likely i am to be accepted into a graduate program outside of UNT

i’d like feedback from someone who majored/is majoring in linguistics or something similar like sociology or a foreign language. (i’d also be interested in anyone who is or is planning to go into compling)

@juhirawat19 One of my friends double majored and one of his BA’s was in linguistics and he really liked the program. He didn’t have any beef with professors, I think just one professor wasn’t always the best at explaining. But he always had good things to say about his classes and what he was studying. I’m pretty sure other linguistics majors double major as well, usually in something in the College of Liberal Art and Social Sciences/World Languages Literatures and Cultures Department. I think the program might be good in regards to your concerns of graduate school. You can always ask an advisor on questions about graduate school and how UNT stands in those fields

I can second the experiences of @anushkaa_s friend with professors. I’m a ling major and i have only had good experiences with the professors. some of them might be ramblers or too invested in a certain area that they focus on it too much, (i think i know which professor your friend is talking about lol) but they are all brilliant in their areas of expertise and the field in general. I think i speak for the entire department when i say that this field is something you can get very passionate about and if you love it then you love it and you’ll have a great time at UNT where we all regard Linguistics with much respect. I chose this major because i was trying to become a polyglot and i stumbled upon linguistics one summer. Prior to my first ling class, I didn’t know anything but what i garnered from a bit of internet surfing and a book i read. UNT really cultivated the passion for me. Our Graduate program is very well established so you should definitely consider it.