Discussion on San Diego State University

Founded in 1897, the San Diego State University is the oldest educational institute in San Diego. This university has shown tremendous growth in terms of educational methods and research programs which ensure that a number of students enroll every year in large numbers. This university is home to excellence in graduate programs like business, public health, fine arts, biological sciences, language and hearing sciences. For more information https://www.gyandhan.com/schools/san-diego-state-university

what are some funding options available to attend the university? Does the university provide any scholarships?

Will I be able to apply to the SDSU for Spring 2021 session?

You are awfully late to apply for the Spring 2021 session as the deadline is tomorrow, ie 1st November. For the scholarships, there must be some scholarships available. The college does have a scholarship portal for the students to explore various scholarships. You’ll be able to access the portal once you apply to the university.
You can always apply for an education loan or external scholarships to fund your education. There are many options available such as Fulbright scholarship, Inlakhs Foundation scholarship, etc. I’m sure there are threads on this forum to help you with it.

thanks for the answer. What is the estimated cost for a graduate program? will an education loan cover all the expenses?

Hi @mital_bhasi,
The estimated cost of a graduate program for an international student is $33,994. The cost of a business program is $38,854 per academic year.
Yes, the loan will cover all the expenses such as tuition fees, living expenses, accommodation/hostel fees, etc. While applying for the loan, make sure you present all your expenses to be included in the loan.

Is San Diego State university good? How are the placement opportunities after masters?