Discussion on Missouri University of Science and Technology

Missouri University of Science and Technology was established in 1870. It is a state grant and public grant University that is part of the University of Missouri System. The University is counted amongst the country’s top technological research universities. The University offers degree programs in information science and technology, business and management systems, sciences, humanities, social sciences, and arts. However, it is primarily known for its engineering courses. The engineering school at Missouri University of Science & Technology offers 18 undergraduate degree programs and 19 Master’s degree and Ph.D. programs. The University has a current enrollment of 8900 students and has students from over 50 countries.

USA Today ranked the University 3rd in “top 10 places to get an engineering degree in the U.S.” while Forbes ranked it 25th in “top 25 STEM-centric schools” by Forbes. For more information https://www.gyandhan.com/schools/missouri-university-of-science-and-technology