Difference between Msc management and Msc international business?

Who should pursue msc management and who should pursue msc in international business?
And how is University of Birmingham for the above courses?
Also, any thoughts on masters in international relations?

MSc Management is great for fresh graduates or professionals from any field who want to learn about business and management, aiming to be managers, entrepreneurs, or leaders in various industries. On the other hand, MSc in International Business is for those interested in global markets and international trade, ideal for people wanting to work in multinational companies, export-import businesses, or global consultancies. The University of Birmingham has strong programs for both courses, offering practical and theoretical learning, good industry connections, and experienced faculty, preparing students well for their careers. Additionally, a Masters in International Relations is for those passionate about global politics and diplomacy, suited for careers in government, NGOs, international agencies, or policy analysis, providing skills to understand and tackle global issues.