Did I just screw up everything? Pell Grant query!

So, before I only had 8 credit hours, which cut my Pell Grant from 3698 to 1849, something I noticed on Friday after 5pm, so couldn’t get in touch with the office. I went ahead and added another class which now brings me up to 11 credit hours. Does this mean my grant will jump back to 2773.5 since I’m now at 75% enrollment as per the site? Classes kick off on the 16th and they mentioned refunds are sent out 10 days prior if you’ve got direct deposit. But now, have I just piled on another course and made my expenses go up?

Also, no email heads-up about them slashing my grant, which I kinda expected them to do.

The financial section now shows my disbursement as 1849, so is this set in stone or can they adjust it back to 75%?? I was under the impression that financial aid gets locked in on the 7th, but seems like they jumped the gun :///

To secure the total grant amount, you’d probably need to be enrolled full time. Sadly, full time enrollment equals 12 credit hours, and you’re currently at 11

I don’t really need to enrolled full-time since it is my last semester. Doing this would just bump up my tuition by a thousand, which seems unnecessary.

All I’m looking for is the refund to cover some book costs and replenish my savings after a vet ER expense. If I go with 75% enrollment, I can still get 75% of my scholarship and financial aid without a significant hike in tuition. My aid could jump from around 4600 to 6250, assuming they adjust my pell grant to match the 75% enrollment.

But I’m trying not to get too excited in case they’ve permanently set it at half.