Details of my Visa Interview

My Visa interview experience

Consulate: Hyderabad
University: University of California, Davis
Visa status: Approved

The interview lasted two mins only

Me:- Good Morning mam
VO:- Good Morning, pass me your passport and i20
Me:- gave them
VO:- Which university?
Me:- University of California, Davis
VO:- What are you doing currently?
Me:- Working as a Software Engineer
VO:- where did you do your Bachelors?
Me:- Gave the answer
VO:- Who is going to finance you?
Me:- I have taken education loan and personal savings
VO:- Can I have a look at your finances?
Me:- Passed the bank letter and receipt of liquidity and assets
VO:- Your visa is approved. (Passing my i20) keep it safe because you need it at the time of immigration.
Me:- Thanks a ton.