Deferral, ds-160and sevis fee


After filling out my DS-160 form for an F-1 visa for the spring intake of 2024, I had to request a deferral from my school to change my intended start date to the fall. This was necessary because the appointment date I was given was on July 15, 2024. As a result, my DS-160 form needs to be updated. Additionally, I no longer have access to the old DS-160 form I previously submitted. I also noticed that the admission letter I received has a different SEVIS number compared to the one I paid for. What should I do in this situation?

Hey Sandra,
You will have to fill out a new visa form for the fall and use your old confirmation number. After that schedule a new visa appointment, confirm the correct SEVIS number with your school, and contact the Embassy if needed. Finally, update your school on the changes, pay the SEVIS fee again if the number changed, and double-check all documents for accuracy.