Decision for Engineering college

I’m in my senior year of high school and looking to dive into Mechanical Engineering. Right now, I’m torn between Rowan University and the University of Buffalo (UB). I’m based on Long Island, so getting to UB means a solid 6-hour drive, whereas Rowan’s just about 2.5 hours away. Plus, Rowan’s got the smaller class sizes I’m really keen on. The thing is, it seems like not many people have heard of Rowan. So, I’m kinda stuck wondering if I should pick UB instead, considering it’s got a bit more name recognition which might help with job prospects down the line.

Checking out Rowan's site, it looks like you're looking at a bigger bill there—somewhere in the ballpark of 30-40k a year for everything. Buffalo's estimating closer to 20-30k. Unless there's a super compelling reason pulling you towards one, I'd lean towards the budget-friendlier option. Taking on an extra 40k in student loans could weigh on you way more in the long run than any differences in the academic experience, just saying.