Deciding on a Texas University for Fall 2024: Seeking Your Insights!

Hey everyone!

So, I’m facing a bit of a dilemma here and could really use your insights. Got accepted into UTD, UTA, UTSA, and Texas A&M for this fall, and UTSA sweetened the deal with a $5,000 merit scholarship – yay!

Being an international student, I’m all about making a financially smart move, especially with the competitive AES at UTD. I’m diving into a biology major with my eyes set on med school. I’m curious about your take on the education quality, campus vibe, and opportunities at these universities. Who’s got the best research and volunteering scenes? Any advice or personal experiences you could share would be a game-changer for me. Thanks a bunch! :mortar_board::sparkles:

Hi Sheik,

I got my Master from UTA and I can tell you that UT Arlington has one of the good Med courses in texas. I know for sure that their nursing program is fabulous but Texas A and M is much better. I am not sure about UTSA but I think UT Arlington or Texas A&M are your better options.
I got an in-state scholarship at UTA and many of my friends did as well. This is very helpful as it reduces your tuition fee by half.