Data science or big data

i needed a suggestion , I’m new to both data science and big data . Can you help me understand the differences between them? Which one more better . I have some confusion and would appreciate your insights i have applied for mads program in uvic and masters of science in big data in sfu

Data Engineer is a lot of data pipeline management. That means loading/transforming data into databases from all kinds of sources. You can do it with a BS, but salary wise it caps out compared to SDE pretty early. You don’t need a Masters, although it won’t hurt obviously.

DS is 90%+ Masters if not PhD. It’s ML algorithms to build AI models and you need to be strong in a lot of areas - especially stats and Python/R. A Masters/PhD is what to shoot for to break in. Better salary than DE but obviously a bit harder.

For DE I’d say brush up on tech like ETL/Redshift/Azure, all types of DBs (mySQL/DynamoDB/noSQL/etc), Spark/Hadoop, cloud/AWS/etc and some basic ML algorithms.

For DS, get a Masters and specialize in Stats, Python/R, Hadoop/Spark, ETL/Redshift/Azure, and all ML/AI algorithms.

Think of it like the DE supports the DS by providing good data for them to build models with. DE makes a little less but way less school required.

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Hi, Tanya

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Happy to hear that you have started with your Master’s journey. To answer your question:

Business Analytics - Emphasizes the application of analytics within a business context, concentrating on solving business problems and optimizing operations.The teaching methodologies used are relevant to making data-driven decisions and improving business performance. Post program completion you can work as a as business analyst, operations analyst , marketing analyst, or consultants with a focus on business optimization.

Data Science: Offers a broader and deeper understanding of data science, covering a range of techniques, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics. The study focuses on extracting insights from complex and unstructured data and post program completion you are best suitable for roles such as data scientists, machine learning engineers, data engineers, and analysts in fields like technology, healthcare, finance, and research.

Now coming to the point where we discuss which is the best field of study for you? The answer of the same is subjective in nature and depends on a lot of factors like your previous academic history, studied modules, interests, career goals and interested currciulum etc. To infer the same and guide you further on it, I would request you to schedule a pre-evaluation counselling session with me. Based on the inferences from the session, I will guide you the best course choice for you.

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