CS Major Course Load Freshman Spring 2024

CS Major Course Load Freshman Spring 2024
I was a bit nervous about the course load for the upcoming semester and wanted to know what you guys think about it. For context, I am CS Major with a math minor

CS 2510(Fundies II) with Park

CS 2800(Logic & Comp) with Patterson

CS 2810(Data Models) with Gerber

MATH 2341(Diff EQ & LinAlg) with Lupi

I am not so worried about CS 2810 and MATH 2341 as I have heard the professors are good and the classes themselves aren’t horrendous. However, fundies II is notorious for being a time sink and difficult class in general. Adding Logic & Comp on top of all this seems like it might make my semester a bit difficult. What do you guys think? I would appreciate any tips in general.