Course attendance!

Course attendance
Okay so I enrolled in a course that I didn’t think would have required attendance. Well, I just looked at the syllabus and the professor requires attendance. The problem is that I’m a single mother of 2, who works full time to survive, and who has minimal familial support when it comes to babysitting. There’s another section of this class that might work but idk how I would go about asking to switch sections so close to the 1st day of class or if I can do it at all. I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to get my degree but Idk what to do, and I’m starting to feel very discouraged. If anyone could respond with help, I would be eternally grateful.

u can just edit it in my mav with swap course or update classes

Thank you so much! How will this affect my canvas? Do you know how long it will take to change the class?

I don’t remember how long it takes, but I emailed my professor when I switched sections just in case. I switched, I think, on the 2nd day of classes a few semesters back. I let him know I switched into his section (had a different professor prior) and asked if I needed to be added to his canvas or teams or anything. @Tanvi-Singh-21

Thanks, you’re a real one. @aardhya-sharma-66